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> extension
> status?
> Licensing the same piece of software under both the BSD license ('do 
> whatever you want!') and GPL ('thou shalt do this and that and that') 
> doesn't give Stallman anything, because people will ALWAYS 
> use the 'do 
> whatever you want' license if they have to.

[Ignore this if you want to, I don't want to re-start a flame war just to
clarify what I meant.  If this adds nothing to your understanding of what I
meant, then ignore what I'm saying here]

I don't mean release it under dual license.  Release under both, distinctly.
When the user opens the "shrinkwrap" they choose which license they want.

One choice buts obligations on them to share the source but gives access to
other GPL code.

The other choice gives them freedom with php, but not to other GPL code.

[from other message]
> They're not compatible in the 
> least bit, 

thats why the burden of choice is on the user.

> If you think that restoring the 
> dual license 
> is going to make Stallman happy, you're absolutely wrong, 
> unless Stallman's 
> dumb.  Stallman is many things, but I don't think being dumb 
> is one of them.

I think it will make him happy.  I knows that people who use readline & such
will have the obligation to abide by the GPL in how they distribute.


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