>     The presence of a bug that breaks most of a module is fairly serious.
>     I would say that we could include it - *if* we have enough people who
>     can test the PDF functions.  Could we get a show of hands for the
>     people who can test the PDF stuff?  At this point, I cannot.
>     If we dont have at least a couple of people on major platforms who
>     can test the fix, we should probably hold off til 4.0.5
>     Everyone on the QA team who is able should probably try to get the
>     PDF stuff installed asap...
>     Just my 0.02
>     --zak

        I realize I'm quite a bit behind...
        I build the PDF module into both my CGI and my mod_php, but I
        haven't got a handy test case lying around to verify that all
        is well... 

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