> They are a bit magical.  You might want to have a look at:
> http://www.opaque.net/ming/, which provides an easier to use interface (I'm
> currently working with the author to contribute the PHP extension code to the
> php distribution, he's keen on the idea (ie, if you compile --with-swf
> --enable-ming, you get the mingswf extension, --with-swf or --with-swf
> --enable-libswf you get the libswf extension)).  That library also works with
> windows and is constantly maintained (whereas Paul Haebaerli's libswf is not
> maintained anymore...).

How far away is this?

> > I'm probably missing something obvious here.
> >
> You are, something obvious, but not intuitive...
> void swf_definebitmap(int objid, string image_name)
> Is the prototype for swf_definebitmap(), the first argument (objid) is the
> object id to use with swf_getbitmapinfo(), etc.
> ie,
> <?php
> // The bitmap id to define the bitmap with, and
> // then use with the other bitmap functions
> $pic_id = 10;
> // Komodo, Rasmus? *LOL*! From phpics.com ;)
> $pic_location = "korea/0.50/17.jpg";
> // ...
> swf_definebitmap($pic_id, $pic_location);
> // ...
> $pic_info = swf_getbitmapinfo($pic_id);
> echo "Size of the bitmap in bytes is: $pic_info[size]\n";
> echo "Width of the bitmap in pixels is: $pic_info[width]\n";
> echo "Height of the bitmap in pixels is: $pic_info[height]\n";
> ?>

Ok, so I would have expected something like this to work:

    header('Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash');
    swf_openfile('php://stdout',400, 250, 30, 1, 1, 1);
    $pic = swf_nextid();
    swf_definebitmap($pic, 'php-big.fi');
    swf_placeobject($pic, 1);

But it doesn't seem to.  I'll keep reading.  The ming stuff does look a
lot more intuitive.


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