Please correct me if there is already a facility to do this in place, but
I have searched the manual and can find no functions.  I would like the
ability to redirect the standard PHP output stream to a file temporarily
to a file, and return to output to the browser at some point in the
script.  Here is an example of the kind of thing I mean:

$fd = fopen("/tmp/foo.html","w");
redirect_output($fd); print "This goes to the file";
So does this
restore_output(); print "This goes to the browser";

I have started to look at the source and seen that most of what I need
seems to be going on in php_output_globals int ext/standard/php_output.h.
I am willing to write the extension to give me this functionality, but
before I start coding in earnist I would appreciate any pointers or
warnings of problems that may be involved.

Many thanks,

Malcolm Locke

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