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Bug Type: ODBC related
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Please try the latest release and see if this continues for you...

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[2000-10-02 19:48:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This used to work in PHP3 and I have checked that I am using the latest libraries.
Is it possible to get PHP not to check the syntax of the SQL statement but just to 
pass it on.


[2000-09-21 23:08:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

When I run an odbc_exec from PHP-4.0.2 which connects to a Progress 83C database in 
order to retreive an array field as follows:

select name,narrative@1 from customer

I get an SQL syntax error as follows:

Warning SQL Error [OpenLink][ODBC] Syntax error or access, SQL State 37000 in 

This works if I connect to my Progress Database using odbctest.

I think I may be using an old version of the ODBC libraries linked into PHP4

Is this correct ?

It all used to work fine with PHP3 and Openlink ODBC.




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