ID: 8740
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: *General Issues
Description: $this can't be passed by reference inside of constructor

works, but still a bit clumsy.

thanks for the help.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-16 17:53:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
you did not quite understand:

1) add a &, like below
it should read, on the global scope:

$a = &new a(10);

2) remove that xtra line

and you'll see that it works

this is due to the fact NEW returns a copy be default


[2001-01-16 15:26:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
no, that's the opposite of what i wanna get.

$this->b = new b($this); is instancing and assigning a new object of type b to 
$this->b BUT not passing $this by reference to b's constructor.

$foo =& new foobar(); ofcourse doesn't change this behaviour.


[2001-01-16 13:15:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
try this:

$foo =& new foobar();


[2001-01-16 12:55:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
just in case, if i change a's constructor to

function a($i) {
    $this->bla = $i;
    $this->b = new b(&$this); // note the &

it doesn't work either.


[2001-01-16 12:51:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
the following code-snippet illustrated the problem:
class a
  var $bla; // some intvalue
  var $b; // object of type b
  function a($i) {
    $this->bla = $i;
    // the next line ain't working in the constructor
    //$this->b = new b($this);
  function x() {
    // the next line behaves like expected
    $this->b = new b($this);

  function p() {
    echo "a::p ".$this->bla."<br>";

class b
  var $a; // reference to object of type a
  function b(&$a) {
    $this->a = &$a;
  function p() {
    echo "b::p ".$this->a->bla."<br>";

$a = new a(10);
$a->x();        // works


$a->bla = 11;

a::p 10
b::p 10
a::p 11
b::p 11
this is the wanted behaviour. var $a->b contains a object of type b which contains a 
reference back to object $a. object b is instanciated and assigned via the $a->x() 
methodcall. so far, nothing special.

when i want to get rid of the additional method in a (that's the x() method) and 
instanciate b inside of a's constructor and assign it to $a->b with $this, $a->b->a 
doesnt contain a reference to the calling a object but a copy of it.

thus, $this isn't really working inside of an object's constructor.

afaik do other languages have the same limitation of using $this inside of the 
constructor due to address-calculation issues.


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