>   some time ago I had a discussion on #php.de with Ulf Wendel and
> Johann-Peter Hartmann about Advanced Data Types (short: ADT; data structures
> like Hashes, Linked Lists, Trees, ...) in PHP, because we needed efficient
> implementation of those for a project.

Hrm..  Having just completed a rather nasty little algorithm which takes
an LDAP tree of employees and creates an org chart using all sorts of
trees, hashes and directed graphs to get the layout right, I am not sure I
understand how linked lists or trees can be made any more efficient than

   $node[next] = $foo;
   $node[prev] = $bar;
   $node[data] = 'Test Node';

What exactly do you have in mind here?  A defined datatype so traversal
functions could also be built in?

>   PS: All the best wishes at this point for Sterling's health. He had an
>       accident while trying to use a snowboard (he got a head concussion,
>       I hope I use the right term here) and must attend to his bed for
>       another week.

"trying to use his snowboard"...  That seems like appropriate wording.  ;)


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