On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 01:58:14PM -0600, Andrei Zmievski wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Jim Winstead wrote:
> > i didn't check how date('Z') is defined (do you add it to local time to get
> > UTC or subtract it?) but it may be that systems where struct tm has a
> > tm_gmtoff member and systems that use the timezone global may
> > define it different ways.
> Well, I am in Central timezone so I'd expect my offset to be -21600 (-6
> hours). So, the formula should be UTC + offset.
> > they should be made consistent, and the date() documentation updated to
> > tell exactly which way we've made it consistent. :)
> And making it consistent would just involve reversing the sign on
> tm_gmtoff member? I just wonder if the sign of tm_gmtoff is consistent
> between platforms.

according to the examples i can find in the single unix spec,
i'd expect timezone to be positive for US/Central time.


tm_gmtoff appears to be defined the opposite way.


i'd say pick one, and document it.


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