Hello there,

  Kristian Köhntopp and Ulf Wendel approached me today and told me that 
  they have decided to merge the existing classes and modules of 
  PHPLIB 7 and those that are currently beeing worked on (for PHPLIB 
  8, which will now never be released) into PEAR and asked me to 
  coordinate efforts in order to do so.

  The merging with PHPLIB brings thought-through, well-tested classes 
  for Authorisation, User and Permission Management, classes for the 
  abstraction of forms (with Layout Management Engine) and a lot of 
  other stuff (table proxies, ...) into PEAR.

  I hope everyone is happy with this step, at least I am. :-) Why? 
  Until now there were two standard repositories one could use and now 
  there is the opportunity to join the strengths of both.

  One thing is for sure: The process of integrating PHPLIB's concept of 
  Auth/User/Perm into PEAR will not be finished over-night.
  PHPLIB's Sess(ion) class is currently beeing ported to PHP 4 to act 
  as a wrapper for the native session-management functions of PHP 4.
  What needs to be done now is port PHPLIB's classes for Auth/User/Perm 
  to PEAR::DB, because they are using PHPLIB's own database abstraction 
  system, which has come of age.

  Ulf Wendel is currently working on the new OOHForms and a Layout 
  Management System. I am sure he can elaborate on this topic on this 
  list. Ulf?

  A first, but rather unimportant step was my last commit which moved 
  the IT[X] template classes from phpdoc/redist to HTML/ and removed 
  the redist/ directory.


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