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Old-Status: Suspended
Status: Closed
Bug Type: *Languages/Translation
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The fribidi extension is now included in PHP 4.0.4pl1.


Previous Comments:

[2000-07-26 11:33:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
thereīs no focus on this work now I think, so itīll be suspended until sb assigns it...


[2000-07-26 10:33:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Well, in fact these functions never were intended to work in 100% of cases. They need 
serious rework (maybe with connection to something like Fribidi library or analogue).


[2000-07-26 01:48:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I fear it will (not tested), but lease verify that itīs still happening using the 
latest version of PHP (release 4.0.1pl2 or CVS).


[2000-06-25 14:16:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The function hebrev (and its companion hebrevc) don't work perfectly ,when I try to 
convert a string that ends 
with english letter the letter goes to the start and don't stay in the end as it need 

I wonder if it will be more easy to embed the free software freebidi which work very 
If there is something that I can help to advance this implant please let me know as I 
think the the hebrew/arabic cultures need the functions working properly and as the 
function don't work properly many choose the asap :-(

For better PHP in the future :-)


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