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[2000-07-07 20:32:08] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
filepro access has some major design flaws.

The two functions that are currently used to pull data from a db are filepro_rowcount, 
and filepro_retrieve.  filepro_rowcount returns the number of rows in the db that are 
NOT deleted.  filepro_retrieve returns a row/column of the database, regardless of 
whether or not the row is (not) deleted.  This makes it impossible for php to actually 
retrieve only the undeleted rows from the table.  

We have added an additional function in order to check if a row is deleted 
(filepro_is_deleted), and are happy to contribute this code.  However, because of the 
inefficiency of the current retrieve function, we recommend adding a new function to 
obsolete the retrieve function.   This function should be written like the dbase 
getrecord function, that returns a deleted member along with all the fields in a given 

In addition, the filepro_rowcount function is essentially useless, since it gives you 
the number of undeleted records.  In order to improve the results of someone who is 
currently using this to iterate through their db, it is recommended that this function 
be changed to return the total (deleted or undeleted) number of records.


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