Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> If the DB layer is changing, then there are going to be backwards compatibility
> problems anyway, and they might end up being more subtle and hard to find. Why
> not provide scripts to convert users' code to use the new names? Why assume
> that the API is going to be the same, anyway?

In my eyes most of the PHPLib code will get rewritten. For a private
project I would have touched lots of the PHPLib code (auth, perm, menu,
some widget stuff) anyway during the next months. While doing this I can
"pearify" the code. 

As there's a huge user base that relies on the PHPLib, we have to
provide wrapper classes for the initial release so that we do not break
compatibility. Don't know where to place these wrapper classes, maybe in
the PHPLib CVS. We'll see, don't haste.


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