Excuse me for this delayed response.
I'm going to try latest version of PHP soon and test it again in the same 
test environment.
I'll send you a report after running the test.

>From: Bug Database To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: PHP 4.0 Bug #6398 
>Updated: Kernel page fault caused by PHP Date: 8 Jan 2001 20:44:05 -0000
>ID: 6398 Updated by: cynic Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Old-Status: 
>Open Status: Feedback Bug Type: ODBC related Assigned To: Comments:
>Does this exist in more recent versions of PHP?
>Previous Comments: 
>[2000-08-28 08:42:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED] This script runs on PHP 3.14 on 
>the same machine without problem. Now, planning an upgrade, i found that 
>the same doesn't run on PHP 4.0.1pl2, because after about 1000-2000 inserts 
>php.exe goes down crashing. I downloaded the binaries for Win9x from 
>www.php.net, and i use the standard php.ini.dist configuration with two 
>adjustement: max_execution_time=3600 and memory_limit=18388608. I use ODBC 
>drivers from Microsoft version 3.5 with datasource of type dBaseIV and 
>Access, but i run into the same problem. Reading data instead of inserting 
>doesn't cause any problem. Zend Optimizer DLL is not installed. Actually i 
>use Apache as a Web Server, release 1.3.12 download from www.apache.org.
>>$handle1=odbc_connect("demo","","",SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC );
>echo odbc_autocommit(true); //odbc_exec($handle1,"create table demo (nome 
>char(200),cognome char(200))"); odbc_exec($handle1,"delete from demo"); for 
>($i=0;$i<10000;$i++) { $nome="n$i"; $cognome="c$i"; 
>$ref1=odbc_exec($handle1,"insert into demo values ('$nome','$cognome')"); 
>odbc_free_result($ref1); } odbc_close($handle1); echo "Done." ?>
>Full Bug description available at: http://bugs.php.net/?id=6398
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