I've been having problems getting php-4.0.4 to compile on my linux system;
the make keeps breaking when libphp.so is being linked with an undefined
versioned symbol name __ns_name_unpack@@GLIBC_2.1 error.

I've rebuilt and reinstalled glibc2.1.3, and every library I know of that
php depends on, but that didn't solve the problem.

I saw a post in the php bug database about the exact same problem which the
poster solved by creating a shared version of libbind (which is not
supported in the isc.org release of bind).

This lead me to run objdump on both libbind.a and libresolv.so.2. Here's
what I found:

objdump -x /lib/libresolv.so.2 | grep __ns_name:

00004424 g     F .text  0000011a              __ns_name_unpack
00004044 g     F .text  000001db              __ns_name_ntop

objdump -x /usr/lib/libbind.a | grep __ns_name:

000003e4 g     F .text  00000105 __ns_name_unpack
00000684 g     F .text  00000063 __ns_name_uncompress
000006e8 g     F .text  00000057 __ns_name_compress
00000000 g     F .text  000001ae __ns_name_ntop

If I'm reading this correctly (I'm not experienced in programming under
linux), this looks like both libresolv.so.2 (a shared library, part of
glibc) and libbind.a (a static library, part of bind) are exporting
__ns_name_unpack and __ns_name_ntop.

Somehow, this does not strike me as a good thing for programs like php,
which link against both libraries.

Is this potentially the source of my make problem? And, if so, what can I do
about it?

- Mark

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