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Status: Duplicate
Bug Type: *Session related
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duplicate of #8311

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[2001-01-12 16:56:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I begin a session, using "session_start()" and then read in a file using file(), 
readfile(), or require(), the contents of the file get corrupted with double quote 

Here's a sample file to read in (name it "test_file.txt"):

Here's a PHP webpage that displays corrupted output:

readfile( 'test_file.txt' );


The corrupted output is:

If the call to session_start() is removed from the above script, the output matches 
the sample file contents.

Also if any of the characters are removed from the sample file, the readfile() works 
fine, so there's something specific to the text in the sample file that disagrees with 

FYI, the sample file is small section of javascript in an HTML file I am using.  I 
pared down the javascript/HTML to this small section that was getting corrupted.  I'm 
trying to echo different HTML files depending on session variables I set. 


Full Bug description available at:

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