Just a dumb question could not find this in this function in the source


Probably due to some strange C ism I dont understand here is the "grep
-r"I performed any clues would be helpful.

Zend/zend_compile.c: :ZEND_API zend_op_array
*(*zend_compile_file)(zend_file_handle *file_handle, int type
CLS_DC);    ?? this couldn't be it could it?

 version php-4.0.4pl1
___ ________________________________
$ grep -r zend_compile_file *
Zend/zend.c:    zend_compile_file = compile_file;
Zend/zend.c:            EG(active_op_array) =
zend_compile_file(file_handle, ZEND_INCLUDE CLS_CC);
Zend/zend_compile.c: :ZEND_API zend_op_array
*(*zend_compile_file)(zend_file_handle *file_handle, int type
Zend/zend_compile.h:extern ZEND_API zend_op_array
*(*zend_compile_file)(zend_file_handle *file_handle, int type CLS_DC);
new_op_array = zend_compile_file(&file_handle,
Zend/zend_language_scanner.l:   retval = zend_compile_file(&file_handle,
type CLS_CC);
Zend/zend_language_scanner.c:   retval = zend_compile_file(&file_handle,
type CLS_CC);
Zend/zend_language_scanner_cc.cc:       retval =
zend_compile_file(&file_handle, type CLS_CC);
Binary file Zend/zend_language_scanner.lo matches
Binary file Zend/.libs/libZend_c.al matches
Binary file Zend/.libs/libZend.al matches
Binary file Zend/zend_compile.lo matches
Binary file Zend/zend_execute.lo matches
Binary file Zend/zend.lo matches
main/main.c:    op_array = zend_compile_file(file, ZEND_INCLUDE CLS_CC);

Binary file main/main.lo matches
Binary file main/.libs/libmain.al matches

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