I just downloaded the latest php4.0.4p1 binary distribution, and I have no problem 
the Sybase functions.  I have had problems with previous versions (prior to 4.0.2 or 
and made minor fixes for them.

What version of Sybase are you using?  It may be that your libraries don't match those
that php was build with, and you'll need to either install a different set of 
libraries or
rebuild php against your libraries.  I have version 10.0.4 of libct installed.  I think
that I once had a problem when I installed the libraries for windows that Sybase 
with the Linux server.  I put back the old ones and all was fine.

Have you tried running php.exe from the command line?  You can sometimes see errors 
way that won't show up when using a web server.

I'm running PWS 4.0 and the cgi version of php.

Once it is working, you do need to bump up the sybct serverity levels from 10 to 11 in
php.ini to get rid of the change database message.

> From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Operating system: Windows 2000
> PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
> PHP Bug Type:     Sybase-ct (ctlib) related
> Bug description:  sybase_connect()
> Yesterday Jan. 20, 2001 I submitted a bug report that related to the 
>Sybase_connect() function in PHP.  At the time I was uncertain as to whether or not 
>it was a bug or something that I had left out in setting up the Sybase connectivity.
> As I said at the time in the last few weeks I have set up PHP, Sybase ASE, Apache, 
>and MySQL on a number of computers with a number of fresh builds.  On each occassion 
>I was confronted with the same problem of not being able to execute the 
>sybase_connect() function.
> Last night I read three or four more reports NEWS.PNP.NET news group of other 
>developers having the same problem using the same combinations of PHP 4, Sybase ASE 
>11.9, Apache 1.3.4 in a Windows 2000 or Windows NT OS.
> In one of the reports the developer Kjetil Limkjaer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) 
>attempted to get sybase_connect() to work in both Windows 98 and Windows NT. He found 
>that the problem was present in both OS platforms.  The problem was referred as 
>crashing Windows 98 or memory errors in NT which is what I observed and reported on 
>in greater detail yesterday. He was able to connect using ODBC but not using the 
>native drivers of the Sybase-CT Lib.
> In another report a developer named Aaron Chau [EMAIL PROTECTED] said that he 
>had confronted the Sybase_connect() problem when he upgraded from PHP3 to PHP4.
> In the process of checking around and posting to various discussion groups I could 
>not find anyone that reported having PHP4, Apache, Sybase, Windows 2000 operational.
> If you'd like more details on the set-ups, error message details, install scripts 
>feel free to drop me a line.
> If what I have learned is correct then this may be a problem with using the PHP4 
>sybase_connect() function in a MS Windows environment.  Since it has been reported 
>not to work with Apache and MS IIS Web Servers in either MS Win98, Win NT, and 
> I would be also be interested in testing any patches or fixes that are created to 
>address this problem.  It seems that developers using PHP4 and Sybase in a Windows 
>environment are in the minority.
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