Is it documented anywhere yet? (is my name up there as well? I know I
haven't done much except bringing this issue up, but I would be on the 7-th
sky seeing my name on the PHP change-logs)

Maxim Maletsky.

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Subject: PHP 4.0 Bug #7360 Updated: is_a2z would be nice...

is it documented yet? (can my name be theree as well? I know I've not more
then bringing this issue up, but seeing my name on change-logs would send me
to the 7-th sky)

Maxim Maletsky

ID: 7360
Updated by: cynic
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
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ctype functions are now implemented

Previous Comments:

[2000-10-20 05:59:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
what about implementing the ctype.h family of functions available in C and
stick with their namespace ?        isalnum,  isalpha,  isascii,  isblank,
iscntrl,  isdigit,        isgraph,  islower,  isprint,  ispunct,  isspace,
isupper,        isxdigit


[2000-10-20 02:24:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
A suggestion:  I was thinking that there are some functions that should
exist in PHP:  1: if(eregi("[A-Z]", $string)) this could be called something
like is_a2z (any name is OK, I just though about nl2br). Instead of using
RegEx which is real slow when you have to check strings several times in a
script a simple function like this would be of a BIG HELP. (I know of
is_numeric(), but it's use will not make you sure that the string is
esclusivelly alphabetic). A build-in function to detect whether a $string is
entirelly made from a-z avoiding so regular expression use is really needed,
I think.  2: Another thing (Less important) is that instead of using
(ereg("[:alnum:]", $string)) you could just say if(!is_almun($string)), just
to make (ereg("[:alnum:]", $string)) be a little lighter and easier for
beginners. (few beginners use [:almun:], they usually get into writing some
huge long expressions,) this would impress them a lot.  Thanks for your
patience, Maxim Maletsky


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