Andi Gutmans wrote:
> Hey,
> A couple of guys here said they are working on creating a popen()
> alternative solution for Win32.
> Any progress?

I remembered I wanted to suggest you to take a look on how it is
implemented in
Python. Their docs state: """
popen (command[, mode[, bufsize]]) 

Changed in version 2.0: This function worked unreliably under Windows in
earlier versions of Python. This was due to the use of the _popen()
function from the libraries provided with Windows. Newer versions of
Python do not use the broken implementation from the Windows libraries. 

Python also has popen{2,3,4}(), [ in module os, also there is a popen2
module ].

I took a peek into posixmodule.c (iirc) but didn't figure out from
_PyPopen() how they
do it cause it's a bit over my knowledge :)

One can grab the python2.0 sources and have a look if interested (I
don't have the relevant file at hand).


-- teodor

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