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>Status: Closed
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>use non-capturing patterns.

Sometimes you can't

like ([0-9]?(?(1))[a-z])

Now you need to capture



>Previous Comments:
>[2000-08-09 07:41:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>if you have a regex that captures more than one pattern i'd to give a 
>argument to the function which to replace
>regex: (a)(b)(a)
>replace: test
>preg_replace("'(a)(b)(a)'", "test", "abaabaaba");
>normal preg_replace will replace 'aba' with 'test' outputing: testtesttest
>preg_replace_pattern_no("'(a)(b)(a)'", "test", "abaabaaba", 2);
>replacing pattern 2 and outputting: atestaatestaatesta
>Full Bug description available at:

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