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This makes no sense.  Included files share the same scope as the script that is doing 
the including.  So:

$a = 1;
include 'somefile.php';

If in somefile.php you do: echo $a
you will see it prints 1.  So passing variables to an included file is an inherent 
characteristic of PHP.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-22 07:18:40] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ok I was tring to include a file and tring to pass a var, tried many ways.. needless 
to say I couldnt get it to work.
<?php inlcude("links.php?show=true"); ?> -- no good
<?php include(""); ?> -- no good
So I get on IRC, no on really had a answer for my question 'Why cannt I include, and 
pass varibles on a windows server?'
bug list: says you cannt 
include("http://server/file.php") if you cannt include a server, how can you pass a 
var through include? I am not sure if you consider this a 'bug' but, it would be nice 
to include & passing vars ;


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