I just wrote installation documentation for Caudium (and added short
docs for --with-caudium), but lack the access required to check the
changes in. Also noticed small mistake in en/functions/array.xml
(it's all one list) as per the patch below.

--- array.xml   2001/01/22 21:48:27     1.51
+++ array.xml   2001/01/22 22:00:22
@@ -1680,8 +1680,6 @@
-     </variablelist>
-     <variablelist>

[ Below is a random fortune, which is unrelated to the above message. ]
Q:      How many mathematicians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A:      One.  He gives it to six Californians, thereby reducing the problem
        to the earlier joke.

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