Could anyone explain me briefly the idea of "persistent memory
blocks" ? What result can I expect, when I always set it to 0 ?

And what is the purpose of such flag in hash tables ?
For example, the function zend_hash_destroy(HashTable *ht)
uses functions pefree, and this (I found it after turning off so called
ZEND_FAST_CACHE) has VERY bad infuence on memory usage patterns.

Sometimes it happens, that destroying hash table causes
DIRECT and immediate deallocation of blocks, which were previously
allocated in function 'start_memory_manager' (in 'for' loop, which
initialises memory cache).
In my opinion those blocks should stay untouched until the execution
of 'shutdown_memory_manager' function. Now we haven't even a 
base control on order of allocationg and freeing memory blocks.

Zend, may be you would be so kind and explain me a bit ?
This problem is of course related to the 'PHP holds
memory too long', but I changed a title to make people
interested in again...

Filip Sielimowicz

I would be VERY grateful for any response.  

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