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duplicate of #8595

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[2000-12-27 20:24:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have an array:

$a = array(0 => array(1, 2),
        1 => array(3, 4),
        2 => array(4, 5));

I want to do

foreach ($a as list($q, $r)) { }

i.e. i want the loop to return
$q = 1, $r = 2.
$q = 3, $r = 4.
$q = 5, $r = 6.

However I get

Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_VARIABLE' or `'$'' in [blahblah]

The equivalent would be

foreach ($a as $b) {
  list($q, $r) = $b;

but that is unnecessarily convoluted

list() is acceptable in function return context so it seems reasonable to have it here 

(Note: No, I don't mean "foreach ($a as $b => $c)"
I mean "foreach ($a as $b => list ($q, $r))")


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