Hello dbeu,
The crash is looking like XML code.

I tried the code under Solaris and still had an error.

I added more detailed logging and ensured the log file was closed after
every write so I would not loose records.

After much testing, I found that the error occurs when the code hits
xml_parse(). On both systems, the crash is sufficient to wipe out log
records written to files that are not closed, which, of course, makes
the error look like it occurred a line or two earlier than where it did

There is an XML handler undefined due to a typo. The name in the string
in the set handler is different to the name of the handler. The handler
creation works. No error messages.

The parser create works. No error messages.

Then when I invoke xml_parser(), bang!

All XML functions are tested for true/false with appropriate messages.
It seems that the set handler functions are not checking if the handlers
exist then xml_parse calls an invalid address.


Bug Database wrote:
> ID: 8647
> Updated by: dbeu
> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old-Status: Open
> Status: Feedback
> Bug Type: Reproduceable crash
> Assigned To:
> Comments:
> can you please append some *short* reproducing code?
> i tested file() with a file greater than 100k and it didn't crash.
> Previous Comments:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [2001-01-10 21:05:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Loading array via file(). File is 4Mb of text. Bang, PHP died.
> I increased PHP memory from 8 MB to 20 Mb but did not fix it. I cut the file down to 
>about 10Kb but that did not fix it. When I comment out the line containing file(), 
>that removes the problem.
> I thought it might not be file(), it might be any part of the code that uses the 
>array so I commented out file() and inserted statements that manually load the array 
>with data. The script ran to completion using the manual array.
> gdb backtrace is gobbledygook to me. I am reading your documentation page to see if 
>any of it is relevant to Windows environment. If your page helps me change my php 
>setup to produce additional diagnostics, I will add them to this report.
> Apache is the latest Apache 1.14 or something from about 3 weeks ago. PHP is PHP 
>4.0.4 from the large download file. NT 4.0 SP6a running without a hitch for 6 months. 
>The code I am working on was working in the middle of last year on a PHP3 downloaded 
>in the middle of last year.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Full Bug description available at: http://bugs.php.net/?id=8647

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