dear all

having seen lots of applications using the following expression:

$cont = join ("", file ("test.xml"));

... i would like to propose an addtional attribute in the argument
list of the function file().

lets consider that:
$cont = file ("test.xml", FALSE) or $cont = file ("test.xml") 
                would be equivalent to:
                $cont = file ("test.xml")

and on the other hand:
$cont = file ("test.xml", TRUE)
                would be equivalent to:
                $cont = join ("", file ("test.xml"))

the second argument would therefore represent an attribute, which
let one specify not only to return an ARRAY (attribute=FALSE) but  
also a STRING (attribute=TRUE). adding this argument would not affect
older or current implementations or usage of the function file().

what do you think about this?

best regards, urs


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