I realize that this is probably the wrong place to ask this but after searching
the php site and various new groups I still can't find an answer to my question:

I am investigating placing a small web server onto an embedded system.  Although
finding various servers for the task has proved rather easy, finding a
non-proprietary way of serving dynamic content has proven not so easy.  

I have located one commercial solution that allows C/C++ to be embedded into the
HTML pages being served.  Although this system has some advantages
(compressing/uncompressing the HTML source, etc) I am hoping to find an
open-source solution.

Is there any work being done to allow PHP to be used in a small embedded

What sort of foot print should one expect of the installed PHP interpreter? (of
course counting on that very few, if any PHP extentions are required).

Does anyone have any other suggestion for a solution?

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