Hi! Nice to hear from you :-) I already tried to post the following line as a 
possible solution to a possible problem under certain (unknown to me) 
circumstances on the online manual page for GETHOSTBYADDR (but my note 10755 
was rejected):

$TheName=trim(gethostbyaddr($row->THEHOST."               "));

The original line:


called using an unresolvable IP like xx.xx.x.xxx returned something like
xx.xx.x.xxxMKJA, where MKJA represents some garbage I discovered was used to 
fill up to 15 chars (the maximum length for an IP).

I guess an IP like should do the job :-)

> ID: 8884
> Updated by: sniper
> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old-Status: Open
> Status: Feedback
> Bug Type: Network related
> Assigned To: 
> Comments:
> I can't reproduce this. Could you please include an example script which
> demonstrates this behaviour? And maybe try the latest CVS snapshot
> from http://snaps.php.net/  too??
> --Jani
> Previous Comments:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [2001-01-24 09:07:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> gethostbyaddr returns the original IP when an error occurs, but this string is
> always 15 chars long. This means that if the original IP was shorter than that,
> garbage will appear at the end of the line. I've temporarily fixed it by passing
> an IP with 15 blanks added to its end.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Full Bug description available at: http://bugs.php.net/?id=8884

Alfredo Milani-Comparetti
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