i have a configure-script which make the configuration for all programms
which i need to compile.

i always change this script, if i need a new option or compile a new version
for which i need other options.
the first php-version, for which i used this script is php 3.0.12 and in
this version i have the problem with libphp3 and libmodphp3, so i make links
for files with the false name with this script, so i can compile apache with
while i had problems with with this files, i used libmodphp4 to activate

i have compiled it again and use libphp4.a to activate and it works.
please excuse me my mistake.

but the problem with the missing symbol from libgcc when i compile with apxs
is still available.


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An: Ferdinand, Dieter
Betreff: PHP 4.0 Bug #8880 Updated: problem with false file name libphp4
and libmodphp4 with shared-apache

ID: 8880
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Bug Type: Compile Problem
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Have you followed the instructions given in INSTALL file? 


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[2001-01-24 05:54:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

always when i compile php with the shared-apache-option, i have problmes
with the filenames.

after configuring apache new with php, i can't compile the php-module
because the name for the lib-file is exchanged.

i must make a link from libmodphp4.a to libphp4.a to compile the module.

i have the same problem with the module-name. in one file the name is
php4_module in an other file the name is mod_php4_module so i can't compile
and use the module, before i edit the files and use everywhere the same

when i compile with apxs, then i don't have this problem, but on aix i have
then problems with symbols from the libgcc.



Full Bug description available at: http://bugs.php.net/?id=8880

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