ID: 8772
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: *Session related
Description: user level session storage fails when register_globals off

OK, here is some more info....

I just installed the Zend IDE and did some debugging.

What I noticed was the following using this test code:

    $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['myvar'] = "VarVar";
    print "This is a test";

if register_globals is off (Note: setting this in a virtual server with  php_flag 
register_globals off)

session_register("myvar") calls open_session in my session handler, and then calls 
read_session in the handler
I assign a value to $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['myvar']
upon exit; the following happens
close_session is called in the session handler and thats the end! ---> write_session 
was never called?


if register_globals is on (Note: setting this in a virtual server with  php_flag 
register_globals on)

session_register("myvar") calls open_session in session handler, and then calls 
read_session in the handler.
I assign a value to $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['myvar']
upon exit; write_session is called and the value passed is 
!myvar| <---- missing the value of $myvar.
close_session is called and thats that.


In the first example, why is write_session never called?
In the second example, why does !myvar| NOT have the value I assigned to it like so 
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS['myvar'] = "VarVar";

Thanks, Serge

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-23 17:50:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
What I have noticed is when I have register_globals on and I run this script, a record 
is added to the session table as expected.

    $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['test'] = "blabla";

but when I have register_globals off and run this script, upon script completion there 
is NO session record in the table at all?



[2001-01-23 17:13:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Still does not work. As stated before, when I check the database, the data field is 

    $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['test'] = "blabla";
<a href="/test.php">test</a>

    print "session var = " . $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['test'];

Config file
        ServerAdmin [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        DocumentRoot /www/medialib-dev/htdocs
        ErrorLog        /www/medialib-dev/logs/error_log
        CustomLog       /www/medialib-dev/logs/access_log common
        php_flag register_globals off
        php_flag track_vars on
        php_value auto_prepend_file "/usr/local/apache/conf/pgsql_session_handler.php"
        php_value include_path "/www/medialib-dev/libs"
        php_value open_basedir "/www/medialib-dev"


[2001-01-23 16:19:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
it won't print the contents this way. you must use either
echo "session var test = {$HTTP_SESSION_VARS[test]}";
echo "session var test = " . $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[test];

if this solves your problem, close the bug, please.


[2001-01-23 13:49:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Yes I did, I followed the examples described in the latest documentation.

$HTTP_SESSION_VARS['test'] = '12345';

when I try to print on another page, 
echo "session var test = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[test]";
it comes up empty...?

When I look in the database, I have a session record, but the data is empty?



[2001-01-18 06:22:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Feedback by Sascha Schumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

And did you assign your data to $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["foo"]
instead of $foo?

The user level storage module gets exactly the same set of
data as the other modules. In fact, there is no distinction
in the session module as to how the data is stored.

- Sascha


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