Well that clears some of this up.  Thanks.

        So how do I compile IBM DB2 support in PHP?  I followed
        the instructions in the docs, but when I try and
        load the plug-in, apache complains it's can't find
        the symbol SQLParamData.

        Like I said before, when I tried to figure this out
        on my own, the only references I could find were
        about PHP and this SOLID library/thing.  That mentioned
        something about a compiling/linking problem, but it
        wasn't very clear at all.

        I'm back to sqaure one again.  Has anyone got IBM DB2
        support working in PHP?  It seems like everyone
        is only using mysql or postgres.

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Dan Kalowsky wrote:

> Loren Bandiera wrote:
> >
> >         Okay maybe I'm missing something, but what exactly is
> >         SOLID?  I've never heard of this before, and I'm not
> >         sure what it has to do with PHP in regards to me
> >         compiling in DB2 support.
> Absolutely nothing to do with DB2, don't worry about it.  SOLID is a
> competing database provider that PHP supports.
> >         Do I need this SOLID library for have DB2 support in PHP?
> >         If so, what does it do?  and where do I get it from?  Also
> >         how do I let PHP know about it? ( --with-solid=[DIR] ? )
> No you do not need it.  If you did, the PHP docs would have  mentioned
> it :)

Loren Bandiera

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