no problem.

but i have also test it with this option, it doesn't work, so that i comment
it out in my configuration-script.

but with the workaround to link the pdflib-object files, it works, so i can
use it.

it seems, there is no option for this problem. i have compiled pdflib new
with different options and php4 with all options which can help to solve
this problem, but no success.

it has unfortunately somewhat for a long time lasted to I have the idea to
link the object files instead of the library.

I have normally faster a good idea, around a problem to solve.


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Betreff: PHP 4.0 Bug #8878 Updated: symbol not defined (load

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Uh, woops.  That last comment was meant for another bug report.

Try adding --enable-libgcc to your PHP configure line.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-26 00:54:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
You need to read http://www.php.net/FAQ.php#6.9


[2001-01-24 20:05:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
What were the configure lines used with both Apache and PHP 4?

And did you read INSTALL file ??



[2001-01-24 05:10:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

i have problems to load the php4-module with apache.

i analysed the problem and find, that one or more smybols which are defined
in libgcc.a are missing.

i try to link this module with other options, but i have no success.

when i compile with apxs the following symbols are missing in the

__divdi3 and __moddi3

when i compile with shared apache, then tis symbols are not missing.

i want to use the pdflib 3.0 with php, but when i link this lib, the
following symbol is always missing:


why does the linker under aix 4.3.2 not link this routines from the libgcc
when the linking must fail without this symbols?



Full Bug description available at: http://bugs.php.net/?id=8878

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