Hello All,

I am trying to resurrect the function renaming thread that died out around
New Years Day.

I have summarized the old thread and posted the summary to the php-qa list.
After sorting through all of the messages in the old thread that spanned
across 3 different lists,  I thought that it might be best to keep the
revived thread on a single list.

The QA list seemed the best choice because it has the lowest traffic of any
of the developer lists.  If this does not work for everyone, I can post the
message to dev and/or doc.


I posted this message to the dev list about 8 or 9 hours ago - it seems that
the messages posted to the list around that time just disappeared (or are
very late).

Several messages have already been posted in the thread - to retrieve them,
send a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (or use news.php.net)


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