ID: 8937
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Description: unset() in context with GLOBAL

Bug or feature. Thats the question. :)

Sorry, it IS a bug. 4 people have mentioned this and I found now a
test case, where no workarround exists.

But I found another problem in this context. Will make a new ticket.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-26 16:24:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sorry... forgot to read all the comments....


[2001-01-26 16:14:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This isn't a bug, but a feature =)

If you use GLOBAL within a function it creates a reference to the orignal variabele, 
this reference is local to the function. SO if you unset() this variabele, you're only 
unsetting the reference (and thus not the GLOBAL variabele). This is documented 
behavior (from the unset() manual page):

   If a globalized variable is unset() inside of a function, only the
   local variable is destroyed. The variable in the calling environment
   will retain the same value as before unset() was called.


[2001-01-26 14:19:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The mentioned workarround (unset($GLOBALS['x'])) dosn't work with my testscript.

The result is exactly the same as with the first version of my script. I really have 
GREAT TROUBLES to upgrade this old application to PHP4.


DIR called with function test1(): Array ( [/hugo] => 1 [/hugo/bla] => 1 
[/hugo/bla/fasel] => 1 ) 
DIR called with function test2(): Array ( [/hugo/bla/fasel/test] => 1 [/hugo] => 1 
[/hugo/bla] => 1 [/hugo/bla/fasel] => 1 ) 


function test1 ($dir) {

function test2 ($dir) {
####### unset($x);   no unset!

function mydirname ($dir) {
        if (!empty($dir)) {
                echo "'$dir'<br>"; flush();

$dir="/hugo/bla/fasel/test"; # first char must be '/' !

echo "DIR called with function test1(): "; print_r($x);

echo "<br>";

echo "DIR called with function test2(): "; print_r($x);



[2001-01-26 14:05:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Of course I know that it is already documented. First mentioned in August 1999!

Havn't mentioned this, cause it is not relevant. A bug is bug, and the other tickets 
have been closed, but the bug was remaining.

4 (or more?) other guys had the same trouble with this behaviour. How many others 
havn't reported this bug? I know minimum 2 others, which havn't.

Sorry, but it IS a bug and a workarround is not a bugfix and my opinion is, that you 
make it too easy for yourself to change the state of this ticket to "closed".

But I will not change it for you. I'll respect your decission.


[2001-01-26 11:54:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Thats thanks to Bjorn ;) Not my sig..


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