I installed PHP3.0.15 . 
I noted that some function doesn't work properly.

For example:
ereg, ereg_replace, file and others.
On PHP Manual written by PHP Documentation Group there is the example:

 // get a web page into an array and print it out
 $fcontents = file ('http://www.php.net');
 while (list ($line_num, $line) = each ($fcontents)) {
     echo "<b>Line $line_num:</b> " . htmlspecialchars ($line) .

 // get a web page into a string
 $fcontents = join ('', file ('http://www.php.net'));

It doesn't work! I get from the web "The document contained no data"

My OS is Slackware 7.1 and web server is apache 1.3.12.

Michele Cerioni

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