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> ID: 8101
> Updated by: sniper
> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old-Status: Feedback
> Status: Closed
> Bug Type: MySQL related
> Assigned To: 
> Comments:
> No feedback and an user error.
> --Jani
> Previous Comments:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [2000-12-07 18:31:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Why do you have the 'id' in your SQL line? You don't need to mention
> it at all, it's 'auto_increment'. ie. it will be automatically incremented.
> Try leaving it out. mysql_insert_id() should work then.

No user error since the auto_increment field was null it will insert
the auto incremented value per the specifications in the mysql C
interface.  The error was mod_auth_mysql which was bound to a seperate
version of libmysqlclient and the compile of php bound to a newer
version of mysql.  The solution was to recompile mod_auth_mysql and
reinstall apache (since mod_auth_mysql is not a shared library).

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