Hello together,

if you currently use sessions and register objects inside of a session
it is necessary to include the class definition of such object in every
php page to be able to access the contents of such object.

This is problematic if you have a system where the main php page does
not know everything about the functions it is using. 

For example we have a lot of functions that do some specific tasks and
require to store an object inside the session. However, the main php
page (where the session_start() is in) doesn't know anything about it.

On the next page our function is only able to access the data that was
inside the object und the name of the class that is used by the object. 

So, theoretically it would be possible to load the class definition now
and make the object useable. 

Is there any mechanism we can use to take the, now existing, class
definition and the incomplete PHP Object to create a real, useable PHP

Till soon,
     Thomas Stinner
billiton internet services GmbH

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