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Bug Type: COM related
Assigned To: phanto

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[2000-12-21 13:52:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have setup PHP to work with ADO, but they would't work:

$dbc = new COM("ADODB.Connection");
$dbc->Provider = "sqloledb";
$dbc->Open('DSN=starmate;Database=magway;UID=sa;PWD='); //OK
$q="select title from css";

//1. command object
$cm= new COM("ADODB.Command");
$cm->ActiveConnection=$dbc; //PropPut() failed!!!
$rs=$cm->Execute();     //Invoke() failed!!!

//2. recordset still don't work
$rs=new COM("ADODB.Recordset");
$rs->Open($q); //Invoke() failed!!!

//only this code will work
echo $rs->fields[0]->value . "<br>";

On the other hand, all the Double byte char input/output will be cut to 1byte. a 
will be changed to 3 byte char.
Test with ADODB,Word, It seemed that windows report chinese as one char, but php think 
it one byte.


Full Bug description available at:

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