I compiled sybase module for php, but I have now an other problem...
Yes, if I use the new extension (the same as Tor-Egil), Apache exits with an
application Fault !!! Apache with php4module.dll. If you configure Apache to
use php.exe, It's work ! 
So, I tried to compile the whole php4 and apache on win32 (yes, yes I do it -
hard job), but it's still the same.
Let me now if you have a solution to solve it.
You must use OpenClient 11.1.1 at least. And this problem doesn't exist on
unix platform. A case is still open at sybase support.

Fabien Reygrobellet
I'm a former sybase professional services senior consultant.

Tor-Egil Nygaard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It seems like the declaration of the "_client_message_handler" (line 197)
> and the
> "_server_message_handler" (line 220) in "ext/sybase_ct/sybase_ct.c" are
> wrong.
> According to the sybase sample code, found in
> they
> are supposed to be declared not only as CS_RETCOD, but also as CS_PUBLIC.
> This has also been mention by [EMAIL PROTECTED] in bug report
> http://bugs.php.net/?id=8836
> Which would make the statement on line 197 look like
>    extern CS_RETCODE CS_PUBLIC _client_message_handler(CS_CONTEXT *context,
> CS_CONNECTION *connection, CS_CLIENTMSG *errmsg)
> instead of
>    static CS_RETCODE _client_message_handler(CS_CONTEXT *context,
> CS_CONNECTION *connection, CS_CLIENTMSG *errmsg)
> and the statement on line 220 should look like
>    extern CS_RETCODE CS_PUBLIC _server_message_handler(CS_CONTEXT *context,
> CS_CONNECTION *connection, CS_SERVERMSG *srvmsg)
> instead of
>    static CS_RETCODE _server_message_handler(CS_CONTEXT *context,
> CS_CONNECTION *connection, CS_SERVERMSG *srvmsg)
> I have tested this change on Windows NT/2000 and SuSE Linux without
> experiencing any problems.
> Without the change php gives a memory fault on Windows NT/2000 after
> sybase_(p)connect if you are
> using llibct.dll version 11.x.x. If you are using libct.dll version 10.04
> works ok, but this is a version sybase
> is about to stop supporting.
> Could someone please put this into the cvs so it will be for PHP version
> 4.0.5.
> Regards
> Tor-Egil Nygaard

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