ID: 9030
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Zlib Related
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This should be fixed in CVS now. Please try the latest CVS snapshot from and reopen this bug report if problem still exists
when using it.


Previous Comments:

[2001-01-31 08:44:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have noticed a that a serious memory leak is occuring with PHP when using the 
ob_gzhandler. It is noticable very quickly after starting Apache and reloading a few 
pages, the process size goes up dramatically - much more than if PHP is configured NOT 
to use the ob_gzhandler, which is I think when the Zend optimizer caches pages. Merely 
having support compiled in does not cause the effect.

I have mod_ssl configured with:

--with-layout=Del --with-apache=../apache --with-ssl=../openssl --with-mm=../mm 

PHP compiled with:

--with-apache=../apache --enable-trans-sid --with-my-sql --with-zlib --with-mcrypt

And then Apache is made with those options that mod_ssl configures it with. Using Zend 
optimizer 1.0.0 for PHP4.0.4.

Despite the numerous different modules that are compiled into Apache, I feel it is 
with the ob_gzhandler that the problem lies as deactivating it seems to make the 
problem go away.


Full Bug description available at:

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