Andrei Zmievski wrote:
> > i'm not sure about it, is this a usefull feature (although it
> > behaves very different to, say, PASCAL or gcc with nested
> > functions enabled where the inner function is 'local' to the
> > namespace of the outer one) or should the engine prevent
> > nested function declarations in the first place?
> How about a simple check:
> function outer()
> {
>         if (!function_exists('inner')) {
>                 function inner() {
>                 }
>         }
> }

sure, this fixes the symptoms, 
bit if noone can think of a reason or situation where nesting
functions would make sense i'd like to have this 'feature' 
it's confusing, unseless IMHO and leaving it possible will
block any chance to implement it the way Pascal or gcc in 
extended mode handle it with the inner function only
visible within the scope of the outer one ...

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