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heh dunno wether it still does what it oughta now though :PPPP
can't test in your environment

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[2001-02-02 14:45:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

For now I'm not in the CVS thingy to write to the PHP tree, but:

What fixed it for me is putting:
        if (ZEND_NUM_ARGS() == 2)

after the ifstatement containing the zend_get_parameters().

-- CaPS


[2001-02-02 14:07:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The proto says:

    getpeername(int fd, string &addr[, int &port])

But if I only pass it the $addr, my script segfaults.
i.e., this works:

    <?  getpeername($socket, &$ip, &$port); ?>

and this doesn't:

    <?  getpeername($socket, &$ip ); ?>

- Colin


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