From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Unix (Apache/1.3.14)
PHP version:      3.0.16
PHP Bug Type:     Other
Bug description:  the Contructor of a class is called after! the end of a script

I builded a class and in the constructor of the class i made a entry in a Database. 
The entry contains among other values the actual time.

Every time i call a script in whitch a instance of this class is made i get two 
entries in the database. I wondered why and added outputs to see when and how often 
the constructor is called. But in the script-output i saw that the contructor is 
called only one time. 
As i output the time() at the very end of my script i saw that the second entry was 
made after that time!! I thinkt in normal case that is not possible.

I dont know if this is a bug, but i think this is not the normal behavior. On my own 
machine the same script produces only one entry in the database.

Perhaps the constructor is called instead of the destructor.

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