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you cannot compile PHP with both --iodbc and with --openlink


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[2001-01-02 10:48:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
does this problem still exist in the current release?


[2000-08-26 05:13:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It seems you have configured php using --with-iodbc and --with-openlink. Please use 
only one of them, in your case openlink.

As for the pthread problem: I'm not familiar with *BSDs, but maybe openlink also 
provides drivers without pthread?
At least under Linux, adding -pthread to apache doesn't do any harm.


[2000-08-26 02:29:40] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I compiled php4 with iodbc, openlink and apache_1.3.12 support.
It is fine when use  the "odbctest" provided by the openlink to connect database.
It doesn't work when I use the php odbc_connect function and  the "odbctest" provided 
by libiodbc.
The error message are the same.

/usr/libexec/ /usr/local/openlink/lib/ symbol 

I can add -pthread and recompile the "odbctest" to make it work, but it doesn't works 
with php. If I add -pthread to apache, the httpd will waste most CPU time. Is there 
any solution ?

Thanks in advance.


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