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unfortunately this is a bug for a long time now

Duplicate of #4968

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-03 20:24:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I wanted to measure script execution time, using microtime(). So I store a value at 
the beginning of the script, and one near the end, and subtract first from the second 
value (after converting).
And sometimes (i.e. on an irregular basis, maybe every 3rd or 4th try), the result is 
I mean, my scripts may be fast, but surely not *that* fast :-)

Here the relevant snippet:
// start marker
$mt = explode(' ', microtime() );
$benchmark1 = $mt[1] . substr($mt[0], 1);

// some code
// ...

// end marker
$mt2 = explode(' ', microtime() );
$benchmark2 = $mt2[1] . substr($mt2[0], 1);

$extime = $benchmark2 - $benchmark1;
// this alternative did the same:
// $extime = bcsub ($benchmark2, $benchmark1);

I am using php4.0.4pl1 as an apache module in apache 1.3.14 r2, running on win2k sp1.

I just hope it's a bug and not the result of staying up late trying to do some 
programming ;)

cu & keep up the good work. PHP is way cool.


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