Disclaimer: This e-mail partly describes vapourware! :-)

First of all I have been making some patches to Satellite to make it work 
with version 0.5.x of ORBit and not with the CVS snapshot. 

The current patched version on my hard drive is mostly a proof-of-concept 
and leaks lots of memory, but if some people show interest I might take 
some time to clean it up and commit it to PHP.

Note: It will require some patches applied to ORBit because of bugs in its 
DII (Dynamic Invocation Interface) implementation.

Because of the sorry state of DII in ORBit, I have been looking at the 
possibility to connect another free ORB to PHP.

At first I tried omniORB, but it messed around too hard with threads.

Now I'm looking at MICO, and it has not let me down yet! My PHP extension 
using MICO is currently capable of getting random numbers from random.org, 
but not much more! :-)

Both omniORB and MICO have C++ interface, so I thought it would be nice 
with some reusable glue code for extensions that use C++. 

I call it "Zpp" and it's currently some 1000 lines of code used by my MICO 
extension. The main purpose is to easily write PHP classes in C++.

Would anyone else ever be interested in such a framework or should I just 
keep it as part of my MICO extension?

What should I give priority to? Patch Satellite or work on a replacement 
extension using MICO? :-)


-\- David Eriksson -/-

"An expert in a particular computer language is really an expert
in the work-arounds necessary to use this language to perform 
useful work." - Richard B. Johnson

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