Does it make sense to have the iODBC libraries as part of the standard PHP
distribution?  This is NOT the OpenLink driver library, but an LGPL Driver
Manager.   Basically, if php is compiled --with-iodbc then any ODBC API
compliant ODBC driver can be used by setting the ODBCINI and ODBCINSTINI
environment variables, since iODBC provides a standard ODBC binding point
for PHP applications.

Much of the work I've done recently to support PHP has been in getting
the --with-iodbc configurations working (or --with-openlink for that
matter - it's the same thing) and a default inclusion would enable greater

Also, iODBC includes an SDK, so developers can build their own drivers to
compete with OpenLink, Merant, Easysoft, etc.

Is bundling/inclusion feasible?

Best regards,
Andrew Hill
Director Technology Evangelism
OpenLink Software
XML & E-Business Infrastructure Technology Provider

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