At 02:31 AM 2/6/01 +0200, Zeev Suraski wrote:
>In my opinion - if people want to run such files as CGI's, they should be 
>using .cgi extension and +x them, and not run them through the php.exe CGI 
>as .php files.  At any rate, we need to decide which of the two behaviors 
>is correct, because right now, both are possible (Netscape Server appears 
>to be one of the only servers that display the rare case, in which this 
>line is not swallowed and displayed as regular text).
>Other opinions..?

Until 4.0.4pl1, I've never had a problem with running scripts that had 
#!/usr/local/bin/php as the first line. I could do:

         php -q foo.php


         ./foo.php (after chmod +x)

And it worked - and still works on Linux. Solaris is a different matter, 


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