ID: 9136
Updated by: waldschrott
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Reproduceable crash
Assigned To: waldschrott

and guess this "bug" was present in any version before, what
do you expect to happen here? you will never leave these
function calls (as you know I guess), as far as your stack
is full it is full

remember php has to remember each and every function call it


if you really need exactly this construct, I would suggest
you to use a static variable to count the total function
calls and find the critical values a specific system
segfaults (with your original code), then you stick a
for(;;) around it and implement a check (eg. in a()) against
the static variable to leave the recursion if a value with
enough distance to the critical value is reached, then you
should be able to begin the recursion again

any recursion can be displayed as a loop, do not use
recursion if you want to recurse infinitely

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-06 17:22:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
PHP doesn't handle infinite recursion, and as earlier was discussed on the php-dev 
list, it wont be implemented to guard for this, because of the high performance impact.


[2001-02-06 17:18:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

function a () {

function b () {




The simple script above causes a seg fault.  If you need more info on configuration 
etc please mail me.  We made this simple example from a more compilcated instance.  
This bug was also present in 4.0.3pl1, we upgraded to try and stop the seg fault...



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