ID: 9137
Updated by: waldschrott
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Class/Object related
Assigned To: waldschrott

and this is correct, eval uses its own scope, the only
possibilty I see at the moment to solve your specific
problem is to eval() the entire class maybe in combination
with inheritance

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-06 17:32:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am trying to generate class methods on the fly.

I created a string which was php code for a function. I wished this funciton to be a 
class method. I call eval on the string, and it produces no errors. When I wish to 
call that method of the object, the script fails indicating a call to an undefined 
funciton. However, I can call that function in the page space, rather than as a class 
method. But, the function is useless unless it is a method.

The following is part of the code that is executed in the constructor:

$str = "";
foreach($this->getMappedAttributes() as $attribute)
  $str .= "$"."this->_".$attribute['attribute']." = "";";
  $str .= "function get".$attribute['attribute']."() {";
  $str .= "return $"."this->_".$attribute['attribute'].";}";


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